Meet the passionate and dedicated team behind Aurora Awnings, committed to delivering excellence with every project

Pedro Castro

Pedro is our commercial manager, building strong relationships, he ensures our clients receive the highest level of service and satisfaction.
Fun fact: once Pedro closed a major deal with a handshake and a smile. Just llike you will see 😄. The true is that Pedro’s charismatic charm make him the go-to guy for building lasting client relationships and ensures highest level of service and satisfaction.

Beto Roa

Beto is our project manager, he is the mastermind behind flawless installations.

Fun fact: Beto, once built a retractable awning from scratch using only a paperclip and duct tape, Just kidding😄 ! The true is that Beto is the strategic mastermind that ensures every installation is perfectly executed 😊 You will see that the entire product installation will be perfect thanks to his strategic and impeccable work.

Our products not only are the perfect shade solution, our mission is bringing our products into your home or commercial space to enhance the quality of life and increase profits, especially in commercial areas where attracting customers year-round is crucial.

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